Strategic Management and Leadership

Program Overview:

In the light of the increasing global competition and competition in Palestinian market, Strategic Management and Leadership master's program will help to achieve professional development of students, and help them improve their performance at the personal and institutional level.  Effective Leadership is one of the secrets of the success of any organization. Leadership skills increase the chances of success and excellence of an organization and help to enhance and build effective communication with others.

A strategic leader is one of the main sources of success and excellence of an organization. This program provides the knowledge that builds and qualifies leaders through the knowledge provided by the various related courses, such as: business administration, human resources management, economics, negotiation, statistics, finance, marketing, and crisis and risk management, among others.


This program aims to prepare and qualify graduates in the field of leadership and strategic management through the design of a study plan and curricula based on encouraging critical thinking, communication skills, and management of future trends of systems and policies, analyze and evaluate them, professionally and effectively, in accordance with best management practices and principles of governance.

General Goals
  • Provide qualified cadres that possess leadership and strategic management skills and can meet the needs of the labor market and able to deal with different situations effectively.
  • Achieve the required changes in the work environment through the use of appropriate strategies and leadership methods
  • Contribute to the development of the Palestinian institutions through the development of the skills and capacities of its cadres to become qualified leaders in various fields: marketing leaders, business leaders and planning leaders.
  • Provide skills of entrepreneurship and a broad understanding of modern work environments through the contents of this program and topics.
Prospective Employment

Graduates of this program can occupy many positions at senior, middle and executive levels at the following institutions:

  1. Research and study centers in governmental and private institutions.
  2. Educational, health, social and security services centers in central institutions
  3. Private sector organizations.
  4. Human resources departments in governmental and private institutions.
  5. Other institutions.