Special Education


Special Education program is one of the specializations provided by the Faculty of Educational Sciences at QOU and is the first of its kind at Palestinian universities. The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission of Higher Education Institutions / Ministry of Education and Higher Education accredited this program at the beginning of the academic year (2013/2014) to meet the needs of the Palestinian and regional labor market, in the light of the growing interest in the needs of persons with disabilities.

Special Education specialization aims to graduate teachers and special education specialists capable to work with persons with disabilities and provide them with services in various fields. The University provides specialized, qualified and experienced staff and employs technology and modern teaching and learning strategies in order to implement this specialization.

Fields of work for Graduates of the Special Education specialization:

A graduate of the Special Education Department is capable to work as a teacher, specialist, councilor, supervisor, advisor, or specialist in the vocational rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in the following institutions:

  1. Governmental institutions : MOEHE, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor;
  2. International and non- governmental organizations and institutions, such as UNRWA, Red Crescent, Red Cross, UNICEF, UNESCO, etc.
  3. Charitable organizations, such as special education associations.
  4. Private schools and community centers that provide special education services.
  5. Private sector: Centers that provide care and services for people with disabilities.
  6. Residential care homes for the elderly people.
  7. Early Intervention Centers and Hospitals, specialist in Early Intervention in Nurseries, Kindergartens and family counselors in Early Intervention Centers and hospitals.
  8. Daycare and accommodation centers.


This section aims to:

  1. Provide students of Special Education specialization with skills and competencies to qualify them to provide best educational, professional and research practices to persons with disabilities, and help them integrate in the society;
  2. Provide students with the latest strategies and studies in the field of special education;
  3. Provide students with skills related to educational, psychological and social needs of persons with disabilities, and increase community awareness in regard to this group of students and people;
  4. Provide students of Special Education specialization with scientific research skills, which contribute to raise the level of the services provided to people with disabilities;
  5. Provide them with effective practices in dealing with persons with disabilities;
  6. Develop their skills in using computerized programs in the field of special education;
  7. Deepen their knowledge of strategies and teaching methods for each category of students with disabilities, and for each case;
  8. Enable them to employ modern theories in special education in dealing with students and persons with disabilities;
  9. Develop their skills in the field of assessment and evaluation for the needs of students with disabilities;
  10. Contribute to community service by spreading awareness about people with disabilities and their needs;
  11. Provide students with the skills and positive attitudes towards their future profession;
  12. Enhance the relationship with different professional bodies to contribute in developing the skills of students of Special Education department.