The Scientific Research Council

The Council works on monitoring the progress of scientific research and its development at the University. It also sets principles that would maintain high standards for conducting scientific research, and places future plans for scientific research along with its strategies. The Council also continuously revises and updates the bylaws of scientific research, and reviews annual reports issued by the Deanship.

Members of the Scientific Council:

Name Job Title Position
Prof. Husni Awad Dean of Graduate Studies & Scientific Research Chairman
Dr. Eng. Islam Amr Assistant to the President of the University for Technology and Production Affairs/Director of Information & Communication Technology Center / General Supervisor of the Open Learning Center Member
Prof. Majdi Zamel Dean of Faculty of Educational Sciences Member
Dr. Maen Sheqwarah Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Member
Dr. Shadi Abu Ayyash Dean of Faculty of Media Member
Dr. Iyad Abu Baker Acting Dean of Faculty of Social and Family Development Member
Dr. Atieh Musleh Director of the Planning and Quality Department Member
Dr. Aziz Salameh Director of the Agricultural Research Center Member
Prof. Maher Bani Nimra Faculty Member Member
Prof. Sharief Hammad Faculty Member Member
Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al-Habiel Faculty Member Member
Dr. Abdel-Rahman Ahmad Faculty Member Member