Future Studies and Opinion Polls Center

The Center is considered a national research center that is administrated by the University and cares for exploring current issues that matter to Palestinians and have an impact on the future of the region. The Center also conducts surveys and polls to measure opinions and collect data to help the policy making process and the design of future strategies. Tasks of the Center are implemented within a framework of cooperation with local and international institutions.

Philosophy of the Center

The philosophy is derived and inspired from the Palestinian national action and can be summed up as follows:

  • To contribute in the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.
  • To build and rehabilitate a Palestinian community established on humanity, integrity, and continuous development.
  • To explore different topics that concern the Palestinian citizen such as culture, identity, society, education, economy, politics, development, and their future direction.
  • To analyze current situations and affairs around the world and their future impact on the region.
  • To enhance the openness of Palestine to the world and its different cultures.


The Center is seeking to reach the following aims:

  • To conduct scientific research and studies that contribute in the decision making process and help policy makers.
  • To conduct integrated interdisciplinary studies that tackle different topics in the fields of politics, economy, society, and labor, to speculate their future direction.
  • To conduct field research and opinion polls that address essential issues which have a future impact on the local society.
  • To disseminate a culture of democracy that rejects any kind of prejudice.
  • To encourage researchers to conduct studies and explore new topics along with their impact on the region in the future, to later publish them in the center periodicals.

Areas of Work

The Center focuses on collecting data about the public opinion in Palestine on different topics in the fields of politics, economy, and community.

The results of the research and polls are presented to any concerned party and stakeholders. They are also published to raise awareness about these issues and help policy makers. The Center also helps academics, researchers, and graduates with their studies and research.

Units of the Center

  • Political Studies Unit
  • Social Studies Unit
  • Economic Studies Unit
  • Surveys and Opinion Polls Unit