Why QOU?
  1. Because it is a national pioneer Institute which contributes to the development and progress of the Palestinian community,
  2. Because it is considered as an academic reference for higher education on the national, regional and international levels,
  3. Because it empowers self-learning in the students and promotes their intellectual capabilities,
  4. Because it develops values and sound social skills that are consistent with the goals of sustainable development,
  5. Because it prepares an independent initiative graduate equipped with knowledge ,initiative and leadership spirit,
  6. Because of its outreach and accessing  access to every Palestinian house,
  7. Because it provides educational opportunities for the deprived people who could not resume their higher education for a one reason or another; employees, farmers, housewives, workers, persons with disabilities…etc.,
  8. Because of its flexible advanced developed educational system,
  9. Because it is among the first universities to use modern technology as assured by international experts,
  10. Because it guides its students even after their graduation and helps them find jobs,
  11. Because it contributes to developing the quality of education through using modem multimedia techniques,
  12. Because it created new educational trends that lead to promoting the efficiency of the learner instead of using the traditional negative indoctrination method,
  13. Because it promotes scientific research, innovation and excellence and enhances the academic and intellectual freedom,
  14. Because it is a homeland in a university and a university in a homeland.