The Faculty of Arts was established by a decision from the University Council on 15/8/2015. It grants Bachelor degree in Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature and Hebrew Language and Literature. In addition to a minor in French Language. The Faculty always seeks to develop its academic programs and teaching methods in accordance with modern educational techniques. It also aims at enhancing its communication with the community and other faculties of arts in other universities to exchange experience and scientific research.


The faculty is seeking to prepare innovative and professional graduates in the offered disciplines to serve their community and its rising requirements. To fulfill the vision, the faculty is keen on providing qualified teaching staff, comprehensive syllabus, carefully chosen reading requirements and study material.

The Faculty is also concerned about promoting scientific research and conferences to enrich the intellectual and cultural capital of the society, as well as to increase the educational resources of the University.


To offer various well- developed academic programs in accordance with the latest scientific and quality standards provided by the Association of Arab Universities. The faculty also aims to promote academic integrity and work ethics to be a framework for both staff and enrolled students while fulfilling their tasks in education and serving their community. The faculty is also keen on devoting intellectual, educational, and research capabilities for the sake of the development of Humanities and community service.

  • To fulfill the rising requirements of the Palestinian and Arab communities for competent graduates who are qualified and capable of fulfilling their responsibilities at the private and public sectors.
  • To provide comprehensive study plans and qualified teaching staff who are capable of developing and enriching education and streams of research at QOU.
  • To promote scientific research in Humanities conducted by both students and Faculty Staff.
  • To promote the continuous development of curriculum and teaching methodology in accordance with the latest theories and techniques.
  • To increase cooperation with the local community through conferences, seminars, and trainings, which tackle rising issues at the society.
  • Teaching secondary levels and high school in accordance with the latest teaching methods.
  • Professional academic writing and research papers.
  • Proceeding further graduate studies.
  • Effective communication skills and critical thinking.
  • Outstanding graduates who possess competitiveness at the labor market.
  • Commitment to work ethics and reserve of the local community values.
  • finding means of communication with other similar major on local and international level.
  • National belonging
  • Respect for laws and regulations
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Loyalty and proficiency of work
  • Trust and responsibility