Yatta Branch

Yatta Branch is the only higher educational institution in the area. It was opened on 1/1/2001 as a Study Center. By the first semester of (2012/2013); the Center was upgraded into a fully independent Branch and rented a convenient building.

The Branch of Yatta, is now looking forward to have its owned permanent campus on the 7-donum area donated by Yatta Municipality. The first phase of construction has already started from charitable donations.

  • English Language And Literature (Major/Minor)
  • English Language And Literature (Single)
  • Hebrew Language And Literature (Major/Minor)
  • Hebrew Language And Literature (Single)
  • Arabic Language And Literature (Major/Minor)
  • Arabic Language And Literature (Single)
  • Computer Information Systems (Major/Minor)
  • Computer Information Systems (Single)
  • Mathematics (Major/Minor)
  • Mathematics (Single)
  • Social Work (Major/Minor)
  • Social Work (Single)
  • Local Community Development (Major/Minor)
  • Local Community Development (Single)
  • Child Care (Major/Minor)
  • Child Care (Single)
  • Business Administration (Major/Minor)
  • Business Administration (Single)
  • Digital business management (Major/Minor)
  • Digital business management (Single)
  • Health Management (Major/Minor)
  • Administration and Public Policies (Major/Minor)
  • Administration and Public Policies (Single)
  • Applied tourism managment (Single)
  • Digital Marketing (Major/Minor)
  • Digital Marketing (Single)
  • Banking and Financial Sciences (Major/Minor)
  • Banking and Financial Sciences (Single)
  • Accounting (Major/Minor)
  • Accounting (Single)
  • Insurance scinces (Major/Minor)
  • Insurance scinces (Single)
  • Counseling and Mental Health (Single)
  • Sharia Judiciary and Politics (Single)
  • Elementary Education (Single)
  • Teaching Social Studies (Single)
  • Teaching Islamic Education (Single)

Contact Us

Branch Director: Dr. Akram Al-Qawasmi | [email protected]

Public Relations & Media Coordinator: Mr. Khalaf Idais | [email protected]

Address: Yatta, Main Street.