About the Faculty

With the rapid advancement of computer technology and its applications, as well as the ongoing development of information and communication technology in various fields, which has become a major feature of the twenty-first century, QOU established the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences to keep up with this continuous development in technology.

The Faculty offers five Bachelor programs: Computer Information Systems; Information Technology and Communication; Libraries and Information Technology, Science and Mathematics. The Faculty also provides minors in Web Techniques and Information Security.

The University has a highly trained teaching staff and has established syllabuses and courses to meet the demands of practical training to teach the associated courses at the Faculty in order to achieve a high-distinguished education level in these specialities.


To equip graduates with knowledge, scientific research, and technical competencies to build a community based on knowledge and technology.


To build a human-capacity capable of providing local and regional markets with competencies in the fields of IT and its applied sciences. Moreover, to increase the graduates’ competitiveness in the different labor markets, and to offer knowledge based on blended learning approach. Furthermore, to promote scientific research in a framework of cooperation with the local community to reach innovation and excellence.

  • Innovation and excellence.
  • Partnership with community.
  • Cooperation and exchange of knowledge.
  • Constructive competitive environment.
  • Work Ethics.
  • Modernity and continuous development.
  • Matching theory with practice.

The faculty aims at preparing equipped, qualified graduates in the fields of Computer Science, IT and Communication, Game Design, Multimedia Design, and Graphic Design. Furthermore, the faculty is seeking to equip graduates with competencies that enable them to work in the field of education, scientific research, and medical and scientific labs.

Other aims include:

  1. To provide the community with highly qualified and specialized graduates in the field of technology and its applied sciences.
  2. To increase the competencies of the graduates to compete in the local and international labor market.
  3. To diversify and develop the various academic specializations and training programs in accordance with the top practices of the blended learning approach (open learning combined with e-learning).
  4. To enhance and promote scientific research, and to create a stimulating environment for achieving innovation in knowledge.
  5. To enhance and find means of cooperation with the local community to benefit from the various experiences and knowledge.
  6. To contribute in building a Palestinian society that is based on knowledge and technology.