Message from the President

Dear Students,

We warmly welcome you to Al-Quds Open University "University of the Palestinian Homeland," wishing you success and distinction on your academic path pledging to make every effort to establish an educational environment that meets modern needs.

QOU was founded in 1980, when the Palestine Liberation Organization asked UNESCO to conduct a feasibility study for establishing the university. In 1991, QOU opened its first branch and launched its services, with Jerusalem as its primary headquarters.

Today, QOU has (18) branches in several governorates with (45,000) enrolled students, preceded by more than (150) thousand graduates who are contributing to the development of our national institutions and society with their peers.

The educational system at QOU (blended learning) has contributed to the consolidation of modern educational methods that rely on a combination of modern technological means and face-to-face meetings, allowing students to develop self-skills in research and knowledge, and self-development.

The university, which spreads throughout the Country, offers majors and programs that simulate the needs of society and the requirements of development. It has achieved justice in education for all groups and classes of society, overcoming all barriers and difficulties to fulfill its social responsibility with confidence and competence.

As part of our endeavor to provide a distinguished learning environment for our students, the university has constructed buildings in most of its branches, and working on the completion of the remaining premises. QOU is also to developing new majors and programs that keep pace with the new developments and seeks to prepare a distinguished student with an entrepreneurial and pioneering personality capable of positively dealing with the job market and its continuously changing needs.

Based on our success, we will broaden the university's regional and international reach by exchanging experiences through twinning agreements with international universities giving the chance to students from the Palestinian diaspora as well as Arab and Islamic countries to benefit from University experience in the field of e-learning.

Dear Al-Quds Open University students, you are the guardians of this institution and its mission. Be confident that we are always eager to provide you with the best educational, academic, and social environment possible. Your university takes you to new heights and enhances your position by arming you with the knowledge, allowing you to navigate life successfully with pride and honor.

I wish you every success

Prof. Samir Najdi
Al-Quds Open University President