Message from the President of QOU

It is my pleasure to welcome you through the students’ affairs portal, wishing you a prosperous university life to continue together the journey that started in 1980 when the Palestinian Liberation Organization asked UNESCO to conduct a feasibility study for establishing an open university.

In 1991, the University opened its first branch and commenced its services, having its headquarter in Holy Jerusalem. Now the University has (18) branches distributed all over Palestine with around 50,000 enrolled students, preceded by more than 140,000 graduates who are contributing in building the institutions of the State of Palestine.

This is your University “Al-Quds Open University”, which is distinguished by a flexible blended learning system and offers programs and majors that fulfill the needs of the community and the requirements of development. The University achieved equality in education enabling all segments of the society to access education, and overcoming all barriers and obstacles consequently, fulfilling its social responsibility with competence and confidence.

The University constantly seeks to enhance its capabilities by paying a special attention to learning and University environment. In this regard, it has owned buildings in most branches and is working on having owned premises in other remaining branches to meet the needs of the University staff and students.
The University has accomplished a lot, but the challenges and needs require more giving, creativity and the integrated efforts of all the components of the University; students, professors, administrators and the University Presidency to maintain these accomplishments. On top of these accomplishments is “the Century International Gold Quality Era Award” granted to the University in recognition of its compliance with the quality standards, leadership, using technology and creativity.

Dear Al-Quds Open University Students: always trust that we are keen on maintaining an appropriate educational, academic and psychological environment for you. You are the knights of this country and the cornerstone of its development. Through you, the University transcends to reach the ultimate success, making sure to equip each one of you with knowledge and science to enable you to participate in life with pride and efficiency.

Prof. Younis Amro
Al-Quds Open University President