Public Relations & Advertising


The PR & Advertising major was launched after being accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education o in April 2018. This program was designed to provide the local and regional market with capacities that enable the   public relations departments to design and produce advertisements professionally at a high level. The program depends on the modern digital communications strategies and tools in designing and implementing the plans of public relations and producing advertisements.

The program aspires to improve the public relations and advertisement fields in Palestine and the Arab region through graduating leaders in those fields who will serve in the NGOs and the public and private sectors. The program will provide the labor market with skills and expertise in the field of designing and producing digital advertisement.


  • Providing students with the public speaking skills to address the organizations audience in order to improve its image locally and internationally.
  • Providing students with the needed skills to promote the mission, objectives and products of the organization.
  • Gaining knowledge about the best practices of producing communications materials.
  • Exposing the students to the nature of the advertising, its techniques and ways of recruiting it to serve the community.
  • Providing students with the theoretical and practical knowledge about designing and implementing advertisements and about the successful public relations campaigns.

Prospective Employment:

  • Public Relations departments’ management in the NGOs and the public and private organizations.
  • Preparing and implementing Public Relations plans.
  • Designing distinctive advertising ideas.
  • Planning and implementing promotional campaigns.
  • Supervising ceremonies and protocols.