The Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences plays a central role in the Palestinian community and seeks to replenish shortages in different economic sectors by constantly introducing new specializations to meet the increasing development in the fields of Economics and Business Administration. Thus, the Faculty has vital specializations in Administrative Sciences & Economics such as Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Economics. Recently, the Faculty added a new specialization, which is Health Management; this specialization aims at preparing qualified cadres to join the Palestinian health sector and improve the quality of health services in Palestine.

While developing the curricula, the Faculty aimed at preparing competent qualified cadre capable of serving their community, and giving a chance to students to pursue further graduate studies in the field.


A leading faculty in its diverse specializations, and contribution to the development of the various sectors of economics and administration.


Providing top training and educational courses that comply with the best practices of teaching to produce qualified graduates who follow the latest scientific and professional development. Moreover, enhancing the environment of scientific research in a framework of interaction, cooperation, partnership and exchange of expertise with the community, taking into account the latest quality standards.

  1. Producing qualified, competent graduates in the field of administrative sciences and economics who follows the latest professional and scientific developments.
  2. Enhancing the environment of scientific research to encourage excellence, innovation and effective research contributions.
  3. Providing top programs of training and education in accordance with the best practices of open and blended learning methods.
  4. Improving the environment of applied education to promote a better community interaction, partnership and exchange of expertise.
  5. Contributing to the overall development in Palestine.