Minor in Special Education


This minor provides the graduates with the skills needed to educate people with special needs in order to meet the needs of both the Arab and the Palestinian labor market in light of the increasing attention given to the people with special needs. It aims at graduating qualified professionals capable to work with people with special needs and provide them with services in various fields through employing technology and contemporary learning strategies.

Prospective Employment

The graduate will have an improved expertise and knowledge on the special education, the graduate will be able to work as a teacher, supervisor, counsellor or an expert in:

  • Governmental organizations like: Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor
  • Local and international non-government organizations like UNRWA, Red Crescent, UNICEF, UNESCO…
  • Charitable organizations like special education organizations, kindergartens, hospitals, early intervention centers.


Special education minor aims at:

  1. Providing human resources with the knowledge in field of special education in order to provide the best professional practices for people with special needs and to develop their abilities and invest them in a way that allows them to positively engage in the society.
  2. Providing them with new strategies and their implementations in the field of special education.
  3. Raising awareness towards people with special needs and their educational, psychological and social needs.
  4. Equipping the graduates with effective strategies in communicating with people with special needs.
  5. Enhancing the knowledge of the suitable teaching methods and techniques for each segment and case of the people with special needs.
  6. Allowing graduates to employ modern theories in special education to communicate with students and people with special needs.
  7. Participating in serving the community through spreading the awareness towards people with special needs.