Counseling and Mental Health


"Counseling and Mental Health" is one of the programs offered by the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The program is accredited by The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and launched at the academic year (2020/2019). The specialization comes in response to the needs of the labor market, and the developments in the fields of education, counseling and mental health.

Fields of Work of a Counselor and Mental Health Graduate:

  • Schools: As a psychological counselor or an "educational" school counselor in public, private and UNRWA schools.
  • Kindergartens: As a psychological, educational and rehabilitation counselor in public, private and UNRWA kindergartens.
  • Civil society institutions: As a Counselor at civil society institutions, societies, private psychological centers and clinics, and psychological counseling and therapy centers that provide psychological, counseling and social services, Such as orphan centers, disability institutions, and elderly care centers.
  • Hospitals and health centers: The graduate can work as a psychologist and counselor in hospitals, clinics and health centers of the Ministry of Health that provide health and psychological care services.
  • Counselling centers and institutions: As a Counselor, providing consultations related to psychological counseling and mental and behavioral health services to people working in specialized centers.

General Goal:

“Counseling and Mental Health” program aims to prepare qualified cadres of specialists and counselors to work efficiently in the psychological and counseling field in schools, centers, civil society institutions… etc., through their acquisition of cognitive, professional and technical competencies, counseling and treatment strategies, thinking and diagnosis skills, and through practical practices in schools, societies, sanatoriums and relevant centers.

Specific Goal:

Counseling and Mental Health program aims to:

  1. Developing specialized cadres in the field of counseling and mental health to provide the best counselling, psychological, and professional services.
  2. Mastering cognitive and professional aspects of counseling and mental health.
  3. Training on the use and employment of modern theories in Counseling and Mental Health field.
  4. The acquisition of the most recent methods and technologies used in psychological and professional counseling and mental health.
  5. Developing attitudes of those enrolled in the specialization towards the use of contemporary strategies related to achieving mental health among individuals.
  6. Mastering mental health and counseling programs design and implementation.
  7. Mastering the use psychological and educational tests and measures in the counseling and treatment process.
  8. Finding creative solutions to some of the educational and psychological problems that are common in schools.
  9. Acquiring the required specifications for practicing the profession of mental health specialist and psychological and educational counseling.
  10. The acquisition of scientific research competencies to practice the profession of mental health specialist and psychological and educational counselor.
  11. Mastering the employment of modern technology in the field of specialization.