Elementary Education


The Elementary Education Department has the largest student body among the other departments of the Educational Sciences Faculty.
The Department seeks to produce qualified professional teachers who will teach at Elementary levels of schools (1st to 4th grade), and base their knowledge on latest research and science, as well as be able to contribute in the advancement of education and teaching methodologies.
The Department is also keen on equipping students with skills of efficient planning, assessment, follow up and implementation, as well as matching theory with practice.
Furthermore, The Department promotes applied research in its academic program to find solutions and recommendations for challenges of education in Palestine.

The Department aims to:

  1. Improve expertise and knowledge of primary school teachers, and rehabilitate them cognitively and professionally to perform their role in the best manner and fulfill their mission to pass knowledge.
  2. Equip students with the required theories, basics, and practices for developing the characters and abilities of students in primary levels, and for facilitating their integration at schools.
  3. Equip prospective teachers with the required skills for creating suitable and supportive learning environment in primary classes to enable the pupils’ growth and the development of their character and education.

Prospective Employment
  • Teaching at private and public sectors.
  • Teaching at non-governmental and governmental organizations.
  • Teaching at institutes and pre-schools institutions.