English Language and Teaching Methods (inactive)

The Major of English Language and Teaching Methods has been developed to meet the needs of the Palestinian community for competent English teachers.

The department has developed the curriculum and required textbooks with the help of expert English professors from Palestine and Jordan.

The Department aims to:

  1. Equip the students with different English competencies through diverse courses of linguistics and literature.
  2. Train prospective English teachers.
  3. Explore methodologies and theories of teaching English.
  4. Introduce the students to the various genres of English literature.
  5. Acquaint students with various areas of English language (phonology, syntax, semantics, and morphology).
  6. Acquaint students with oral and written communication skills in English and their different styles, such as Business English, Academic writing, etc.
  7. Match theory with practice.

Prospective Employment

  • Teaching at private and public sectors.
  • Teaching at non-governmental and governmental organizations.
  • Teaching at institutes, centers and pre-schools institutions.