The Academic Council

The Academic Council, which is headed by the Vice President for the Academic Affairs, is responsible for drafting the academic policy of the University, developing and assessing any issues related to the academic affairs.

The Council is responsible for many tasks such as, implementing laws and regulations for granting an academic degree, assessing academic programs and majors, ensuring high quality in the teaching process, supervising the design of textbooks, investigating in any matter related to the academic affairs, monitoring the publication of the annual university guide, submitting recommendations concerning organizing conferences and seminars, and many other important tasks.

The current members of the Academic Council are:

Prof. Samir Al-Najdi Vice President for Academic Affairs Chairman
Prof. Mohammad Al-Titi Vice President Assistant for Academic Affairs Vice-Chair / General Secretary
Dr. Eng. Islam Amr Assistant to the President of the University for Technology and Production Affairs/Director of Information & Communication Technology Center / General Supervisor of the Open Learning Center Member
Prof. Mohammed Shahin The President Assistant for Student Affairs Member
Prof. Jamal Ibrahim Dean of Admission, Registration & Examinations Member
Prof. Husni Awad Dean of Graduate Studies & Scientific Research Member
Prof. Abdul-Raouf Khrewish Acting Dean of Faculty of Arts Member
Prof. Majdi Zamel Dean of Faculty of Educational Sciences Member
Prof. Thiab Jarrar Acting Dean of Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences Member
Dr. Iyad F. Abu Baker Acting Dean of Faculty of Social and Family Development Member
Dr. Eng. Nael Abu Halawa Acting Dean of Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences Member
Dr. Maen Sheqwarah Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Member
Dr. Shadi Abu Ayyash Dean of Faculty of Media Member
Dr. Atieh Musleh Director of the Planning and Quality Department Member
Mrs. Randa Ghuneim Totah Director of Curricula and Textbooks Department Member
Dr. Marwan al-Kawni Faculty Member - Nablus Member
Mr. Ziad Al-Wawy Head of Students Council Member