Hebrew Language and Literature


Learning languages is one of the important areas of specializations offered by the universities in the world. Language is one of the most important auxiliary sciences in scientific research. It serves many other fields such as media, commercial and legal transactions in addition to the work of politicians and administrators. For us, as Palestinians under occupation, we need to know the language of our occupier and know his written point of view in terms of the conflict, and be able to respond to it and highlight the Palestinian point of view. This makes learning Hebrew and opening a BA major an important thing to the Palestinians. It is noteworthy that Arab universities have taken the initiative to open this specialization long time ago, such as the case of Universities of Baghdad and Cairo.

Special Objectives:

The aim of the Hebrew language specialization is to achieve the following:

  • Proficiency in reading, writing and speaking Hebrew.
  • Proficiency in Hebrew grammar.
  • Ability to translate texts.
  • Translating audio discourse.
  • Phonetic and semantic comparison between Hebrew and Arabic.
  • Reviewing ancient and modern Hebrew poetry and prose.
  • Comparison between Hebrew and Semitic languages.
  • Viewing the documents related to the Palestinian issue.
  • Meeting the need of official and civil institutions of this specialization.
  • Monitoring linguistic Judaization in the Palestinian geographical scene.