The Deanship of Students’ Affairs

The Deanship of Student Affairs is considered the main link between the student and the administration. It aims to follow-up the affairs of the students and help integrate them at all forums. The Deanship also supervises the Units of Student Affairs at all Branches and Study Centers of the University.

The Deanship of Student Affairs technically supervises the Student Affairs units at QOU Branches and Study Centers in accordance with the requirements of its assigned responsibilities.



Providing integrated services to our students and graduates, and achieving a good level of adaptation, motivation and affiliation, while giving priority to the preventive and developmental role through advanced working mechanism.



Fostering the students, socially, educationally and psychologically during their entire study period in accordance with the educational vision. Furthermore, providing a convenient environment for the students in accordance with the requirements of the comprehensive quality. The Deanship also seeks to enhance the talents of the students and promote their innovative skills to prepare them to become positive, giving and responsible citizens in their community.



  • Loyalty and sense of belonging to the University.
  • Cooperation and teamwork.
  • Excellence in performance and services.
  • Transparency and equality.
  • Continuous development and improvement.
  • Adapting the technology to serve the students and the University.