The Council of Strategic Planning

The council of Strategic Planning is a high supervisory body which is responsible for the strategic planning process at the University. The council is chaired by president of the University and other qualified members from various departments. At the beginning of each new round and based on instructions by the president, the council is restructured, along with its members, for setting a new comprehensive strategic plan. The current council was restructured on 14/1/2015 for setting the third comprehensive strategic plan of the University. The current members are:

1. Prof. Younes Amr University President, the Council Chairman
2. Prof. Sameer Al-Najdi Vice President for Academic Affairs, and strategic planning council Vice-Chairman
3. Prof. Marwan Darwesh Vice President for Administrative Affairs
4. Prof. Jehad Albatesh Vice President for the Gaza Strip Affairs
5. Dr. Issam Khalil The President Assistant for Jerusalem Affairs
6. Dr. Eng. Islam Amr Assistant to the President of the University for Technology and Production Affairs/Director of Information & Communication Technology Center / General Supervisor of the Open Learning Center
7. Dr. Alaa Alshakhshir Assistant President for Monitoring Affairs
8. Prof. Jamal Ibraheem Dean of Admission, Registration and Exams
9. Dr. Imad Hodali President Assistant for Public & International Relations and Media Affairs
Director of Public & International Relations and Media Department
10. Mr. Fathi Al-Salaymeh Acting Director of the Human Resources Department
11. Mr. Jasser Khaleil Acting Director of the Planning and Quality Department
12. Dr. Suhail Abu Mayaleh Director of Nablus Branch
13. Prof. Husni Awad Dean of Graduate Studies & Scientific Research
14. Prof. Mohammed Shahin The President Assistant for Student Affairs
15. Prof. Thiab Jarrar Dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences
16. Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Selwadi Faculty Member
17. Dr. Eng. Ali Zaki Director of Engineering and Construction Unit
18. Prof. Taysir Abu Sakur Acting Director of Hebron Branch
19. Dr. Salah Sabbri Faculty Member