Teaching Islamic Education


Stemming from the University's belief in the important role of Islamic education in the life of individuals, the University developed a B.A. in Teaching Islamic Education to disseminate knowledge in Islam. The University considered the latest international standards of quality while implementing the academic and administrative aspects of the major to produce highly qualified teachers who can utilize scientific research, latest teaching techniques and acquired competencies to advance teaching in the field of Islamic education. The Department designed a comprehensive and integrated study plan that matches theory with practice and provide in-depth knowledge about Islam and its teaching methodologies. Moreover, students don’t need to obtain a teacher training diploma since they already have the necessary courses at the B.A. level to qualify them as teachers.

The Department is also keen on equipping students with skills of efficient planning, assessment, follow up and implementation, as well as matching theory with practice. Furthermore, The Department promotes applied research in its academic program to find solutions and recommendations for challenges of education in Palestine.

The Department aims to:

  • Provide in-depth knowledge of Islam and its values and teaching to facilitate students’ mission as prospective teachers of Islamic Education.
  • Introduce the right approach to Identify and deal with suitable primary and secondary knowledge resources in the field of teaching Islamic Education.
  • Prepare qualified teachers who use the latest techniques and knowledge to teach Islamic Education.
  • Introduce important Islamic thinkers and scientists who contributed in to enriching the Islamic civilization and other cultures.
  • Introduce modern teaching techniques and methodologies.
  • Analyze curriculum and textbooks of Islamic education which are taught at schools to explore their design, and to plan suitable syllabus for classes.
  • Promote self-learning approach and increase students’ thirst for knowledge.
  • Promote scientific research.
  • Promote extra curriculum activities.
  • Promote effective interaction in the school environment in particular and in the community in general.

Prospective Employment

  • Teaching at private and public sectors.
  • Preacher and Imam.
  • Teacher at special centers and institutes for memorizing and reciting Quran.