Arabic Language and Teaching Methods (inactive)


Arabic Language and Teaching Methods Major seeks to equip students with the Arabic semantics, syntax , grammar, sound pronunciation, linguistics competencies, and Arabic language teaching methodologies for the various academic levels of students.

What distinguishes the major is that students don’t need to obtain a teacher training diploma since they already have the necessary courses at the BA level to qualify them as teachers.

The Department is also keen on equipping students with skills of efficient planning, assessment, follow up and implementation, as well as matching theory with practice.

Furthermore, The Department promotes applied research in its academic program to find solutions and recommendations for challenges of education in Palestine.

In order to obtain the BA in Arabic Language and its Teaching Methods, students need to pass 132 credit hours divided as follows:

- 28 credit hours: prerequisite courses.
- 29 credit hours: core courses.
- 69 credit hours: major courses.
- 6 credit hours: free elective courses.

The Department aims to:

  1. Highlight the role of the Arabic language as an agent of unification among the Arab nations, and its role in enriching the Arabic culture.
  2. Instill pride in the students of Arabic Language to strengthen their sense of belonging to their communities and Arabic nations. Furthermore, develop a character that connects present with past to innovate in knowledge and maintain the Arabic language.
  3. D3. Develop the linguistic skills of students in terms of reading, writing and speaking to master employing these skills in their social and professional life.
  4. Develop students’ capabilities to mainstream the correct use of Arabic language.
  5. Acquaint students with the special features of Arabic Language and refine their criticism and rhetoric skills.
  6. Familiarize students with comprehensive knowledge of ancient classic and contemporary Arabic literature to instill passion towards the major and develop their competencies of criticism.
  7. Enrich the linguistic, intellectual, rhetoric and cultural capacities of students to innovate and add to the field.
  8. Provide students with the required competencies to deal with cultural and linguistic legacy of the Arab World and the other nations.
  9. Identify talented students in the major to foster their talent and encourage them to utilize their talent for enriching the Palestinian community, and the Arab World.

Prospective Employment

  • Teaching at private and public sectors.
  • Teaching at non-governmental and governmental organizations.
  • Teaching at institutes and pre-schools institutions.