Jenin Branch

The first Study Center of QOU was established in Jenin in 1991 and was affiliated to Nablus Branch. In 1999/2000, the University Council decided to convert the Center to a Branch to serve more than 60 residential compounds in the governorate due to the increasing number of enrolled students. Therefore, the University established the main branch in the northern part of Jenin, and the study center in the southern part of the city.

In 2013, the Study Center was merged into the main branch to become one branch located in the center of Jenin. The number of registered students reached (5500) students in the academic year (2021/2020). Then the University received seven dunums as donation from Qabatya town and it bought another 10 dunums from neighboring lands. The first phase of the construction, which consisted of building the theater and the administrative building, was accomplished in addition to the construction of the second phase, which consisted of building part of the academic building, was also completed.

  • English Language And Literature (Major/Minor)
  • English Language And Literature (Single)
  • Hebrew Language And Literature (Major/Minor)
  • Hebrew Language And Literature (Single)
  • Arabic Language And Literature (Major/Minor)
  • Arabic Language And Literature (Single)
  • New Media (Major/Minor)
  • New Media (Single)
  • Public Relations and Advertising (Major/Minor)
  • Public Relations and Advertising (Single)
  • Computer Information Systems (Major/Minor)
  • Computer Information Systems (Single)
  • Information and Communication Technology (Major/Minor)
  • Information and Communication Technology (Single)
  • Mathematics (Major/Minor)
  • Mathematics (Single)
  • Science (Major/Minor)
  • Social Work (Major/Minor)
  • Social Work (Single)
  • Local Community Development (Major/Minor)
  • Local Community Development (Single)
  • Child Care (Major/Minor)
  • Child Care (Single)
  • Animal Production (Single)
  • Plant Production and Protection (Single)
  • Nutrition and Food Industry (Single)
  • Business Administration (Major/Minor)
  • Business Administration (Single)
  • Digital business management (Major/Minor)
  • Digital business management (Single)
  • Health Management (Major/Minor)
  • Administration and Public Policies (Major/Minor)
  • Administration and Public Policies (Single)
  • Applied tourism managment (Single)
  • Digital Marketing (Major/Minor)
  • Digital Marketing (Single)
  • Banking and Financial Sciences (Major/Minor)
  • Banking and Financial Sciences (Single)
  • Accounting (Major/Minor)
  • Accounting (Single)
  • Insurance scinces (Major/Minor)
  • Insurance scinces (Single)
  • Counseling and Mental Health (Single)
  • Special Education (Major/Minor)
  • Special Education (Single)
  • Sharia Judiciary and Politics (Single)
  • Elementary Education (Single)
  • Teaching Social Studies (Single)
  • Teaching Islamic Education (Single)
  • Learning Resources and Educational Technology (Major/Minor)
  • Learning Resources and Educational Technology (Single)

Contact Us

Branch Director: Dr. Suheil Abu Mayyaleh | [email protected]
Academic Assistant for Branch Director: Mr. Imad Salah | [email protected]
Coordinator of Public & International Relations & Media: Mr. Majdi Nazzal | [email protected]

Address: Jenin, al-Askari Street, Behind of the Governorate