Quality Policy

QOU seeks, continuously, to improve the open source learning and blended learning services in order to achieve the accredited quality standards, in light of the international quality systems. It is also keen to implement the best academic and administrative services, with coherence and continuous improvement, in order to produce distinguished human resources, which are able to participate in developing the community as follows:

  1. Quality compliance includes all work sectors at the University.
  2. Quality compliance is an institutional work that is applied through clear and documented systems, instructions, standards, and procedures.
  3. Quality processes are subject to monitoring and evaluation to guarantee continuous development in light of the technical and scientific updates and labor market requirements.
  4. Guaranteeing the success of quality processes is a joint responsibility between the University Presidency and its staff.
  5. Focusing on the training of employees for the aim of continuous professional development.
  6. Working with a clear vision and distinguished professional performance, taking into account transparency and responsibility in delivering services and outputs.
  7. Providing distinguished and innovative services to QOU alumni in order to guarantee continuous and strong relations with them.
  8. Paying attention to the observations and comments of the employees, students, graduates and other related parties.
  9. Assuring effective administrative review and intensive monitoring of the education process.
  10. Appreciating the roles of employees and motivating them to create and produce creatively.
  11. Assuring justice, equality and equal opportunities among QOU staff and students.