Objectives and Tasks


  1. First: Planning Objectives:
    • Develop a comprehensive plan for the University
    • Set standards and principles of planning at administrative, financial and academic units.
    • Establish a database for the activities of strategic planning at the University.
    • Disseminate awareness about the importance of planning and to set a mechanism of implementation among all University departments
    • Supervise and coordinate with all departments to evaluate their strategic plans and to give feedback to ensure that they comply with the overall strategy of the University.
    • Identify the administrative, technical, and academic needs and priorities of the University in order to set a suitable plan for each requirement.
    • Cooperate and coordinate with the other departments in planning and assessing developmental projects
    • Prepare research and plans about the horizontal and vertical expansion of the University in line with its higher policy and strategy.

  2. Second: Quality Objectives:
    • Developing systems, procedures, and instructions of the work, and adapting them to local and international standards.
    • Seeking to achieve accreditation for the University and its programs by local, regional and international bodies.
    • Compliance with Quality and Accreditation standards of open universities.
    • Spreading Quality culture and promoting knowledge, skills, and trends to apply Quality and Accreditation standards.