Scope of Work
  1. The learning design and technical development of the University courses, the experiential learning objects in an e-approach, and the learning tools that support the course.
  2. The provision and publishing of electronic courses, learning resources, and supporting learning tools through the University's international and e- platforms.
  3. Enhancing education via mobiles by publishing e-courses on different application platforms.
  4. Managing e-learning platforms and e-educational services at the University.
  5. Updating teaching methods that are enhanced by the latest technologies and developing the technical skills of faculty members to aid them utilize technology in education.
  6. Educational design and the technical development of external learning projects.
  7. Providing technical support to faculty members and students on using the University's electronic services.
  8. Providing the service of booking meetings, seminars and virtual workshops. Managing and organizing virtual meetings, and providing the necessary support.
  9. Conducting e-training on e-learning to enhance the skills of faculty members and students at the University.
  10. Creating text and visual manuals on the University's e-services for faculty members and students to be accessed through the University's various platforms.
  11. Conducting educational research and analysis on learners and educational contexts.
  12. Investigate the recent advancements and trends in e-learning.