QOU’s T.V Channel

The Channel was established in April, 2016 to provide educational and modern media that serve the Palestinian community through broadcasting intellectual material that enhances the level of education in the society.


First: Presenting modern and flexible media that target all different sectors of the community and embed the latest developments of media, especially, new media. This goal is achieved through:

  • Producing a content that highlights the importance of each different community sector and its role in shaping the channel and the Palestinian society.
  • Producing a content that analyzes the urbanization grouping in Palestine, and the surrounding environment.
  • Producing a content that promotes the use of modern parenting techniques.
  • Producing a content that targets children of different ages to develop their cognitive functions and personality.
  • Producing a content that targets women for expanding their intellect, raising their awareness about their rights, and empowering them.
  • Producing a content that targets teachers at different educational institutions to raise their awareness about the latest teaching methodologies and explain some key concepts in the field.
  • Producing a content that targets students concerning time management and study techniques.
  • Producing a content that addresses the latest issues that face the youth today.

Second: Integrating tools of new media with the conventional media to develop a diverse content that is comprehensive and flexible to broadcast on different media outlets, in addition to integrating smart phones applications and social media with the conventional media (T.V Channel). This goal is accomplished through:

  • Producing a responsive content that merges between visual media, mobile, and social media.
  • Employing mobile software to produce T.V Programs.
  • Encouraging the staff to produce a content that is in line with the goals of the channel.
  • Employing social media to produce an interactive content.
  • Creating webpages for the Channel to broadcast its content online, as well as a page on the social media.

Third: Promotion of culture in the Palestinian society through:

  • Producing a content that targets youth and different community’s sectors, and reinforces affiliation to homeland and public interests.
  • Producing a content that demonstrates healthy conducts and behavior in different situations and encourages commitment to them.
  • Raising the environmental awareness of the Palestinian citizens.

Fourth: Reinforcement of blended learning with satellite broadcasting, through:

  • Broadcasting episodes of interactive lectures.
  • Producing educational content in new forms.
  • Producing guidance material for students.
  • Producing guidance material for graduates.

Fifth: Broadcasting rich diverse content through:

  • Producing and presenting diverse informative content that appeals to the audience and highlights the importance of obtaining rounded education.
  • Attracting the audience through presenting diverse cultural and artistic content that encourages the audience to develop self-learning and understanding others.

Sixth: Highlighting the social responsibility of the University and its alumni through focusing on the leading role of QOU’s students in the public and private institutions and presenting success stories.

Seventh: Highlighting the Palestinian identity through:

  • Producing programs about the history of the Palestinian cause.
  • Presenting programs about national unity.
  • Presenting programs about Palestinian leaders and Palestinian martyrs.
  • Presenting programs about prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Eighth: Broadcasting a content that enhances partnerships with Arabic and international institutions, as well as, openness to other cultures through:

  • Shedding the light on international organizations’ activities in different fields.
  • Producing a content in cooperation with other stakeholders and institutions that concerns the Palestinian society.
  • Focusing on topics such as occupations and vocational training, and their importance in education.

Ninth: empowerment of women and their role in society and education

Tenth: shedding the light on the different sectors of the community through programs that tackle marginalized and remote areas, as well as focusing on persons with special needs to highlight their needs and rights.

One year progress:
After lunching QOU’s T.V channel in one year, it became one of the most important and popular educational channels in Palestine. The Channel managed to produce 120 T.V programs besides seasonal programs, such as the ones which were produced during Ramadan and tackled the reality, traditions, values, and history of the Palestinians. Thus the channel proceeds steadily to achieve its mission in developing the Palestinian media that serve the Palestinian people and their cause and steadfastness.