Units of MPC

Unit of Multimedia
The Unit produces interactive educational multimedia that complement lectures and develop the teaching process. Thus, The Center helps the University in implementing the blended and open learning approach using the latest technology and knowledge. The Unit strives to continuously enrich online courses with high quality educational material. The Unit also offers technical and technological consulting services in the field of open and blended learning for educational institutions.

Unit of T.V Programs
This Unit is responsible for producing T.V programs that address topics which serve the local community and the University. The Unit also produces T.V reportages and provides media coverage for the University’s activities and events such as conferences, workshops and graduation ceremonies. Moreover, it produces documentaries, educational and promotional videos.

Unit of Graphic Design
The Unit addresses the needs of the University departments from educational and promotional posters, brochures, flyers, and still, 2d, 3rd graphics and animations which reflect the high technical level of the media staff . It also produces rich interactive media and multimedia for educational purposes. Moreover, The Unit provides trainings in designing and multimedia production for QOU’s employees and local community institutions. It also tries to continuously develop the educational supportive concepts that enhance the learning process.