Quality Assurance Department


Quality Assurance Department of the ICTC was established in accordance with the policy of the University to ensure high quality at all departments and products. The department works to enhance the quality of Information Technology services based on national and international standards.



To be a pioneer technological center and provide high quality IT services and infrastructure in order to facilitate and enhance the operations of the academic and managerial affairs.



The ongoing update of IT services and the ensuring of their quality to support the University in its academic and administrative tasks in accordance with the international IT standards and the keeping up with the latest updates.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Enhance and disseminate the culture of high quality at all University Units
  • Identify policies, processes, and procedures of ICTC and review them
  • Collect and review technical documents.
  • Work with ICTC Units to achieve high quality standards.
  • Monitor and review quality standards and how they are applied and evaluated
  • Monitor and review the implementation of the quality standards at all ICTC units.
  • Submit recommendations and suggestions of the quality audit reports to the ICTC Director regarding quality audit reports.
  • Provide high quality systems to meet the needs of the University and contribute to its development.