The E-Learning Technology & Technical Support Unit

With the rapid developments of information and communication technologies; educational institutes found themselves facing a big challenge to benefit from the capabilities and big opportunities in this field. This issue is reflected in the visions and goals of these institutions inclined towards virtual universities and building different patterns of e-learning and open learning.

The E-learning Technology and Technical Support Unit was established at ICT Center to enhance the optimal use of e-learning techniques in integrated teaching and learning environment in line with the University's mission to provide educational and training programs based on best practices of open and blended learning methods.

Leadership and excellence in providing optimal e-learning services and creating an integrated e-learning environment.

Keeping up with most recent development in e-learning and ensuring the flow of the service to serve the University’ students and faculty members.


  • Providing a high-quality e-learning environment.
  • Technical supervision on e-learning systems, used at the university, and providing support to their users.
  • Following- up and providing latest developments in e-learning technology in line with the available systems.
  • Conducting studies on e-learning technology.
  • Conducting training needs assessment for e-learning.
  • Taking part in local and international e-learning projects.


  • QouMSBlog
    Faculty of Media Students' Blog is an interactive space that gives students the ability to publish their work, which aims to transfer their skills from theoretical to practical.

  • QouTube
    Al-Quds Open University online educational channel aims to provide high-quality educational video resources directed to the University students and to the local and Arab communities alike. It also aims to support Arabic educational content on the Internet.

  • QouDCR
    The Digital Content Repository of Al-Quds Open University aims to store and organize digital learning resources, scientific researches and the publications of the University to be indexed and reused in multiple contexts through the Internet.

  • Qou Slideshare
    The online publishing and sharing slides platform is designed to store and organize these presentations to be reused in the electronic courses and resources produced by the University.

  • e-Learning Platform
    This platform is used to enable students to access e-courses and many other services provided by the University such as virtual classes, discussion sessions and learning resources for all courses.

  • Improving the infrastructure of the e-learning environment by upgrading the servers used in providing electronic services, in addition to standardizing the systems used, and automating the applied technical procedures.
  • Conducting research studies to assess the needs of technology in education and its use at the university.
  • Supervising and coordinating to broadcast courses through live Video Streaming.
  • Designing and developing electronic courses in a unified format directed to thousands of the University students.

  • Avicenna (Ibn Sina) Virtual University
    1. The project aimed at building a community of universities in the Mediterranean to share best practices and educational usages through a network of e-learning centers spread in these Universities, in addition to enhancing the use of technology in e-learning and open learning.
    2. (23) educational modules have been produced through Avicenna Virtual University project.
    3. Hosting Avicenna Knowledge Center (AKC) – Palestine.