Al-Quds Open University Journals obtained the Arab Impact Factor

Al-Quds Open University Journal for Administrative and Economic Studies and Researches obtained the Arab Impact Factor (0.75). According to the order of the Impact Factor of scientific journals; the magazine is ranked second on the level of scientific journals specialized in the administrative and economic fields, issued by Palestinian universities, and fourth on the level of administrative and economic journals published in the Arab world.

The University’s journal for educational and psychological researches also obtained the Arab Impact factor (0.45). In 2016, the University’s Journal also obtained impact factor (0.25) in the field of Economic and Administrative Studies and Researches

The impact factor is a measure of the importance of scientific refereed journals within the field of its specialization; it measures the yearly average number of citations to recent articles published in that journal. The Arab Impact factor is supervised by the Natural Sciences Publishing Institute (NSP) under the auspices of the Union of Arab Universities, in cooperation with some of the most prominent scientific and research institutions in the Arab world and beyond.


Prof. Younes Amr, President of the University praised this achievement and stated that it is in line with the vision of the University and its mission based on leadership, excellence and creativity in the fields of open education, community service and scientific research, as well as the University's efforts to achieve its goals and objectives.

The Dean of Scientific Research, Prof. Husni Awad, mentioned that The Arab Impact Factor provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the quality of the specialized Arabic journals in all fields of knowledge. This factor is used for academic evaluation and for determining the quality and excellence of these journals. The objectives of the Arab Impact Factor are to reveal the scientific relations between the Arab journals, the scientific specializations, and the Arab countries that publish them through the method of exchange of reference citation (Inter-Citation).