Who are we?

Public and International Relations and Media Department is one of the main departments at QOU that supports the University’s vision, objectives, ideology and services. The Department provides useful and needed information in the aim of increasing the awareness of the local and international communities towards the University’s objectives. It also supports the University’s administration to understand current issues and predict them, besides supporting the University’s policies to achieve its strategic objectives through networking with the different parties in order to develop the University and enhance its role and identity.

The Department organizes purposeful events and conferences in cohesion with the University’s role and philosophy. It also works to enhance the internal relations among staff, students and instructors, besides its role in enhancing relations with the local and international institutions. The department seeks to provide distinctive services to develop the University’s performance on the national level reflect its capacity as an educational institute and support its comprehensive strategy.

Our Staff

  1. Director of Public & International Relations & Media Department.
  2. Public & International Relations & Media
  3. Assistant Director of Public & International Relations & Media Department in the Gaza Strip.
  4. Head of Internal Relations Section.
  5. (2) Internal Relations Employees.
  6. (20) Public & International Relations & Media Coordinators in the Branches.
  7. (2) Translators /Website & Social Media Coordinators,
  8. Arabic Language Editor


Enhancing the University’s status locally, regionally and internationally and working in harmony with all actors of the University in order to unify the efforts to reflect the University’s values and objectives through developed media tools.


Highlighting the University’s distinction, spreading its philosophy and enhancing its participation locally and internationally.


  • Spreading the University’s academic mission and enhancing its role as the center of technological and research innovation.
  • Building a positive image about the University, its academic and administrative processes and keeping up with the global technological innovations.
  • Networking with the regional and international institutions that are concerned about developing the higher education in accordance with the Universities values.
  • Enhancing trust based on accuracy and credibility.
  • Highlighting the achievements of the academic members and students of the University and spreading purposeful updated information about the University.
  • Monitoring the activities, events and conferences organized by the University through its branches, faculties and departments in order to coordinate, monitor and provide the needed logistical support.
  • Participating in raising the awareness of the students, enhancing positive behavior and enriching their ethical values.