Al-Quds Open University

QOU concludes a training course at the University of Palermo within Enhancing Early Childhood Education and Care in Palestine

Published on: 02-08-2022

 A delegation from the Enhancing Early Childhood Education and Care in Palestine project, which included 18 participants from partner Palestinian universities, recently visited the University of Palermo on Sicily, an Italian island, as part of a collaboration between Palestinian and European universities to strengthen the early childhood expertise of the university's faculty members. The relationship between children and adults was the focus of the second training in a series of sessions included in the project's activities.

The training started on Monday, 7/18/2022 and continued until Friday, 7/22/2022. It included several topics, mainly how to build a positive relationship between children and adults, and the importance of creating a safe environment for children and the mechanisms for providing them. The training also addressed mechanisms for building positive resilience in children besides mechanisms for dealing with people with special needs in early childhood.

The delegation also met with Dr. Enrico Napoli, Vice President of Palermo University, training session, who praised the partnership and promised to keep it up.