Open Learning Center (OLC) was founded in 2008, as an educational and technological center for developing and enhancing digital learning environment at al-Quds Open University. OLC is seeking to improve technology enhanced learning, pedagogy, self-learning skills, cooperation and innovation within a framework of autonomy and accountability. Furthermore, OLC provides innovative and engaging technology-enhanced learning environments to learners, according to the latest global teaching methodologies and the new trends in technology.

Create an advanced e-learning environment supportive to the educational process at al-Quds Open University.

To provide digital learning content to learners in accordance with the best practices that are followed in instructional design and the new trends in technology.

Openness, Integrity, Teamwork, Modernity and Equality.


  • To provide a flexible and innovative e-learning environment according to the international standards.
  • To develop an interoperable digital learning content using the foremost learning strategies and the latest trends in technology supportive to the quality of teaching and learning.
  • To disseminate the culture of e-learning.
  • To realize quality and performance indicators in blended and e-learning consistent with best practices and international standards.
  • To fulfill the requirements of education, the different learning styles and the digital natives.
  • To enrich online learning and training methodologies in accordance with the high quality standards.
  • To motivate students to learn and direct them towards creativity, reflection and research.
  • To augment the competencies and skills of faculty members and students in e-Learning.
  • To provide technical support for faculty members and students.
  • To provide open educational resources (OERs) to promote lifelong learning opportunities for community development.