Banking and Financial Sciences


The major of Banking and Financial Sciences aims at preparing qualified graduates in the various fields of banking and finance at both private and public sectors.

The specialization aims to:
  • Introduce the basics of financial management.
  • Explore the theories of finance and investment.
  • Explore the mechanism and methods of calculating insurance companies’ installments.
  • Process financial and banking transactions according to the Islamic financial system.
  • Introduce the basics of investment.
  • Introduce the management of banks and financial institutions.
  • Explore the methods of calculating interest rates.
  • Explore securities and their characteristics in the financial market.
  • Equip students with computer skills and their applications which are related to financial analysis.
  • Introduce students to the mechanism of evaluation of financial performance at public shareholding companies.

The following are minor specializations available for the students of Financial Sciences and Banking:

  • Minor in Health Management.
  • Minor in Business Administration.
  • Minor in Accounting.
  • Minor in Marketing.
  • Minor in Economy.