Insurance Sciences


In line with QOU’s vision of leadership and its mission to prepare technically qualified graduates capable of doing their role in development, especially in the promising economic sectors in the country, including the insurance sector, QOU initiated this new specialization because of its importance to development process in the country.

Justification of the Program
  • There are future prospects and potential for the development of this sector, including the transition from insurance brokerage to insurance industry.
  • There is a need to expand the market by diversifying the insurance portfolio and reducing the level of its risks.
  • The need to raise insurance awareness and enhance trust with existing and potential clients.
  • The need for qualified cadres to develop the insurance sector.
  • Developing the skills of insurance personnel
  • Contributing to preparing distinguished graduates who are able to work in local and regional insurance institutions.
  • Strengthening the capabilities of insurance cadres in the field of insurance marketing and promoting insurance services.
  • Enhancing knowledge and contributing to comprehensive development through conducting scientific and field research of problems facing the sector.
  • Providing the insurance cadres with the skills of determining the level of risk and fair calculation of insurance premiums
Employment potential
  • Insurance companies and brokerage firms
  • Banks and lending institutions.
  • Public and private companies involved in risk management.