Gender and Development


Women rights witnessed an increasing importance in the local, regional and international development. Since the establishment of the international organizations, women rights acquired a special focus; many international treaties and agreements aimed at achieving equal rights for women, development and world peace. In Palestine, after the arrival of the National Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian law assured that all Palestinians are equal before law, treated equally without discrimination based on race, gender, color, religion, political view or disability and the basic human rights are binding and must be respected.

Upon this, QOU through the faculty of social and family development and in cooperation with the Ministry of Women Affairs developed the gender and development major, accredited by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. This major aims at providing specialized cadres in gender and women rights studies, gives an opportunity to identify the real needs of women and to represent them in the public national policies, enhance the role of women in all fields to build a community based on equality, equity and equal opportunities based on the human rights and eliminate all types of discrimination against women and guaranteeing the rights and freedom of all citizens.


Graduating experts in gender and developments studies to provide the organizations with specialized cadres capable of setting policies and designing programs that tackle the crucial issues of gender and help in achieving the following:

  • To develop the capacities of the organizations, support and enhance the concept of gender institutionalization.
  • To participate in improving and developing the community and guaranteeing equal opportunities to change the stereotyped culture about women role and rights.
  • To improve the research capabilities of graduates to meet the scientific and strategic needs of women and represent them in the national policies.
  • To improve and develop the human resources, activate their role in the sustainable development of Palestine and enhance women’s role in the different fields of work.