Curriculum and Courses Department


Curriculum and Courses Department is affiliated to the Academic Affairs. It carries out several tasks, the most important of which are the supervision and follow-up of the preparation and revision of textbooks in coordination and cooperation with the Deans, as well as the concerned departments and the University's office in Amman to provide the latest development in knowledge and enrich education.


The Department seeks to provide the highest quality and pioneering services to the students in the field of preparation and development of courses and textbooks.


To provide students with outstanding educational services in accordance with the overall quality standards.


  1. Work as one team
  2. Constructive cooperation among staff
  3. Keeping pace with continuous development.
  4. Leadership and creativity.
  5. Outstanding performance.
  6. A sense of belonging to the institution and to the nation and the homeland.


  1. Follow-up the preparation of text books within an adopted mechanism compatible with the open education methodology.
  2. Follow-up the preparation and revision of textbooks within the standards adopted at the University.
  3. Determine the needs of University students in terms of textbooks and the procedures required to provide them.
  4. Fruitful and effective cooperation with the Deans and the Directors of technical production centers in the field of developing different learning resources
  5. Provide necessary support for the students with visual impairment at the University.
  6. Follow up printing the required textbooks.
  7. Manage procedures for assessing the content of the University Guide in line with the study plans approved by the deanships of the faculties, considering the work of updating the new specializations that are developed at the University.

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