Business Administration


The specialization aims at providing students with knowledge and theories, and link it with the work environment through analyzing case studies and exploring simulation models to acquaint the students with knowledge related to planning, organization, orientation, supervision, follow up, assessment, finance, production, marketing, and management.


The specializations aims to:

  • Introduce the various types of business organizations and their characteristics along with their fields of work, as well as analyzing the administrative tasks of planning, organization, orientation, management, coordination and supervision.
  • Set up policies concerning workforce such as, recruitment, training, salaries scales, incentives, and positions, in addition to designing policies concerning performance assessment to identify the best approach for improving the productivity of the staff.
  • Analyze international trade and its influential environmental factors.
  • Utilization of quantitative analysis packages and their computer applications in Business Administration.
  • Equip students with oral and written communication skills in Business English.
  • Analyze administrative strategies and policies in organizations.
  • Utilize scientific research to address and analyze administrative problems in organizations, and develop the students’ competencies in applied research and field research.
  • Highlight the role of entrepreneurship in developing the local community, and equip students with theories and practices of establishing new projects.
  • Utilize an analytical framework to study business organizations on international and local levels.
  • Explore the administration of multinational companies and connect the overall strategy of the company with the employment policy.
Minor Specializations

The following are minor specializations available for the students of Business Administration:

  • Minor in Health Management.
  • Minor in Economics.
  • Minor in Accounting.
  • Minor in Marketing.
  • Minor in Financial Sciences and Banking.