The major aims at preparing and qualifying specialized cadres in the field of economy and its analysis to meet the needs of the society at private and public sectors from in this field.


The specialization aims to:

  • Introduce theories and concepts of economics to students (supply, demand, monopoly, production and its costs, elasticity, incomes, market balance, etc).
  • Introduce current economic and monetary issues and trends.
  • Introduce monetary systems and their dynamic features.
  • Introduce modern theories of economic trades.
  • Introduce features and theories of Islamic economy.
  • Explore the concepts and theories of agricultural economy.
  • Study standard economic models and the structure of various industry sectors.
  • Analyze the international monetary system, international trade, and the rising economic issues of developing countries.
  • Introduce economic planning and its characteristics along with its attributes of success.
  • Explore the economics of business, demand and supply, and explore the market balance in the light of competition and monopolies.

The following are minor specializations available for the students of Economy:

  • Minor in Health Management.
  • Minor in Business Administration.
  • Minor in Accounting.
  • Minor in Marketing.
  • Minor in Financial Sciences and Banking.