Digital Marketing


The Digital Marketing program aims to prepare and qualify a specialized cadre in the field of Digital Marketing to meet the increasing demand for digital marketing graduates in various economic and social sectors in both governmental and private sectors.

General Objectives:
  1. Understand the basic concepts and applications in marketing and digital marketing.
  2. Gain the ability to analyze marketing phenomena and its problems in general, and digital marketing in particular.
  3. The acquisition of digital marketing skills with its various tools, which enables the student to succeed in work.
  4. Enhance the ability to conduct digital marketing research and build marketing information systems by using the related software.
  5. Enhance the ability to work with digital marketing data and its extraction tools to prepare marketing plans
  6. Acquire information technology skills in communication for marketing.
  7. Commitment to professional ethical values and emphasizing social responsibility in digital marketing and marketing processes, away from the means of deception and marketing misinformation.