Applied Tourism Management


This program was launched in cooperation between Al-Quds Open University and the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. It aims to provide the tourism market in Palestine with trained cadres, to manage and develop this important sector and consequently support the economic development process, along with the Ministry’s approach to improve tourism sector in Palestine to compete in the regional and global tourism market. On the other hand, it is expected that the development of the Palestinian tourism sector, through supplying it with qualified cadres, will support the Palestinian narrative about Palestinian rights and counter attempts to steal the cultural heritage of the Palestinian people.

The program aims to achieve the following
  • Enhance the knowledge of workers in the official and private tourism sector, in order to assist them in good planning and necessary development processes in line with the Ministry's strategy to advance this field.
  • Provide entrepreneurs, in the the tourism field through small projects, with the necessary knowledge to establish and manage their projects.
  • Provide the tourism sector with scientific and practical specialists who contribute to the success of the sector development process.
  • Enhance students’ awareness of the unique Palestinian historical, cultural, and heritage narratives to counter the other narrative that attempt to steal Palestinian heritage and falsify history.
Potential Career Paths
  • Tourism, Hajj and Umrah agencies
  • Different tourism facilities.
  • Airlines and tourist transport
  • Small projects for organizing internal and external tourist trips