French Language – Minor


The new minor in French language seeks to fulfill the need to provide students with the opportunity to learn new foreign languages to benefit the Palestinian community in the different aspects. The learning process includes using various modern techniques and methods in order to prepare qualified students to serve their community on the political, social and economic levels. This minor is featured by its dependence on the blended learning system that QOU uses; the student recruits the modern technological tools used for learning foreign languages, which are different from the traditional methods used by the other Palestinian universities.


The main objective of this program is to equip the students with the knowledge and skills to be able to communicate in French efficiently.
The minor is also seeking to achieve the following objectives:

  • Training on the use of French language on the different levels.
  • Knowledge of the newest international learning methods of French as a foreign language.
  • Creating exposure to the French culture and openness to the francophone world.
  • Improving capacities and developing the functional level to those enrolled in the program.
  • Improving the ability to express oneself orally and in writing properly in the French language.
  • Acquiring the required skills and qualifications in the career market to work in the companies, schools and international organizations.
  • Providing students with the opportunities to pursue their graduate studies in the French speaking countries.
  • Enhancing cultural communications among the different civilizations.
  • Enhancing the students’ communications skills.
Prospective Employment
  • Professional career at the Media outlets
  • Translation
  • Teaching at private and public schools (Elementary level)
  • Working in the international NGOs
  • Tour guide and a professional career in the tourism sector.