The specialization was modernized in 2014 to match the contemporary requirements of the Palestinian labor market for experts in the professional and academic aspects of childcare field. The specialization was also developed to conduct studies and research in the field of childcare to set preventive, developmental and therapeutic plans to empower children, and develop their capacities to cope and integrate in the community. Consequently. The specialization is seeking to introduce leading specialists who will develop the social, psychological and educational services and competencies of children. The graduates will be able to work with children from various backgrounds and ages to enable their engagement in the community.


  • To match theory with practice in the field of Childcare.
  • To equip students with the latest theories of Childcare.
  • To supervise and monitor students’ progress to develop their competencies.
  • To equip students with set of skills for conducting scientific research in the field of Childcare.
  • To equip students with skills of professional diagnosis, management, and intervention for different cases.