About MPC

The Media Production Center was established after an agreement between Germany and the PLO in 1997. Following the agreement, The German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ) was responsible for the implementation of the project, while the University was responsible for providing the space and cadre for the Center. Moreover, GTZ provided training for the staff of the Center. Later on, the German DED institution supplied the center with equipment and training for producing multimedia educational material.

The Media Production Center (MPC) has many vital tasks at QOU; it provides the latest technical services (Filming, Montage, Sound, and Graphics) and media coverage to events and activities of the University. Moreover, the Center produces educational multimedia material and broadcasts live stream of educational lectures. MPC has a vital role in the education of QOU’s students as it produces visual and audible educational material to assist lecturers in their teaching process.


  • To follow the latest methods of educational multimedia production using the latest developments and technology.
  • To cooperate with local and international academic institutions regarding technicality and media production, as well as training and technology.
  • To offer high quality media services.


  • The design and production of interactive videos that complement lectures.
  • The production of educational films, reports, and reportage that assist lecturers in their teaching process.
  • The production of programs, films, reports, and reportage on different cultural and social topics, as well as promotional material to serve students and aid the university in applying open learning and blended learning approaches.
  • Broadcasting all produced multimedia on QOU’s T.V channel.